CCTV Investigations

PURE Utility Solutions offer full surveys to our clients, including float-through and walk-through, using digital cameras, software, and bespoke techniques — even in hazardous environments where only intrinsically safe equipment can be deployed. Asset information is quickly uploaded and viewed using cloud-based data storage and reporting. All of the below services can be offered as part of planned maintenance package or as part of reactive maintenance call out.

SONAR/Gyro investigation

360 degree laser profiling using the Clever-scan laser manhole scanner

Float/ Walk-through
WINCAN-VX software providing accurate reporting and quotation
Remote working capability
Explosion proof equipment to Zone O specification
Manhole surveys / Dye-testing
Mapped results on to CAD, O/S tile using in-house team

Clearing any type of Blockage

<< The use of specialist CCTV camera equipment allows our drainage engineers to assess any part of a drainage network without needing to carry out excavation work. The images provided from the camera allow for a detailed assessment of any problems as well as pinpointing their location below ground. The cameras can be guided through water and waste that has built up behind blockages. Our tradespeople are also equipped with powerful Jetters to clear any blockages they find the same day >>

<< Call our drainage team now. We’ll be able to answer any questions you have and we’ll be happy to schedule a visit by one of our tradespeople at a time that suits you. >>

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