M&E Electrical Installation

Our highly trained and qualified Electrical Engineers within PURE Utility Solutions are very established within the business. They have a wealth of electrical experience and knowledge and consistently deliver excellent services across a diverse and varying portfolio of work.

Our dedicated site staff can effectively and seamlessly undertake all stages of the electrical installation process. The company prides itself on its training and development programmes, which ensures all our engineers are not only current with regulations and changes within the industry, but also proficient in health and safety. Our Team are trained and certified to NICC/ 18TH Edition standard.

M&E Maintenance

<< Our proactive maintenance packages cover all areas of the UK from our office in Widnes and are reasonably priced. They include a full review of the property which would highlight any mechanical or electrical equipment that would require regular maintenance. This enables assets to be recorded and a PPM schedule to be created. Our highly experienced in-house Service and Maintenance team have the ability and know-how to provide full maintenance and repairs of all your installations. After reviewing the property, they will build a tailor-made plan for you, ensuring your property is correctly maintained for the environment in which it has been installed. >>

Energy Audits Saving on Power Consumption.

<< Understanding energy use within the built environment is critical to being able to ensure efficiency and accurately identify savings. Energy studies allow for in depth detailed analysis of a building’s energy use considering all factors, including occupancy behaviours. At Pure Utility Solutions we carry out bespoke studies and report on exactly where energy is being used, why and how to make savings for the building occupier and customers. Energy studies undertaken for existing and occupied buildings based are ideally done with the last 12 months of energy data. This is the best way to assess and analyse energy consumption based on actual system performance, occupancy patterns and behaviours. This in turn helps identify and establish any system issues and creates processes for mitigating poor energy usage by occupants. PURE Utility Solutions provides this service to all clients in a bid to help both reduce on budget expenditure plus to help the environment. The service is led by Chris Caine and his team of highly skilled M&E Engineers trained in Energy Optimisation. >>

<< Our friendly and helpful office staff will ensure that any services you need are dealt with smoothly and promptly. >>

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