Pumping Station Maintenance

At PURE Utility Solutions, we believe that the maintenance of your pump station is critical to make sure that it is working efficiently. We can monitor and check your existing pump stations to ensure they are working properly. We offer a range of pump station repairs and services to ensure your pump station is working to its maximum ability.

Pump Servicing

Fat and Grease Removal

Waste Removal

Pump Chamber Maintenance

Pump chamber cleaning

Installations and Repairs

Why Pump Station Servicing?

<< Pumping stations exist where waste from a building cannot reach the main sewer by gravity alone and are specifically designed to handle and transport effluent waste. The pump station is generally positioned lower than the sewer system, meaning a pump is required to direct the waste up towards the main sewer. When the waste builds up and reaches a predetermined point, the pump will be activated to lift it through a pressurised pipe system. If this pump was to fail or break, the whole process could cease, potentially causing floods, blockages, and an entire system breakdown. A pump, like all forms of electro-mechanical appliances, needs careful, calculated maintenance that will make sure that it will continue to work as expected. >>

<< If your pump station does require planned drain maintenance, our professional team can carry out 24 hour services and repairs using the best equipment and expert knowledge. Call our engineers team now. We’ll be able to answer any questions you have and we’ll be happy to schedule a visit by one of our engineers at a time that suits you. >>

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